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9 1/2" rigid fiber drive disc w/19 spline by 1 3/8" center hub.
Part Reference Numbers: TA020-20500;TD020-20500
Fits Models: L2900; L2900DT; L2900DTGST; L2900F; L3010; L3010DT; L3010DTGST; L3010F; L3130DT; L3130DTGST; L3130DTHST; L3130F; L3240DT; L3240DT3; L3240DTGST; L3240F; L3240GST3; L3240HST; L3240HST3; L3240HSTC; L3240HSTC3; L3300; L3300DT; L3300DTGST; L3300F; L3410; L3410DT; L3410DTGST; L3410DTHST; L3430DT; L3430DTGST; L3430DTHSTC; L3540GST; L3540GST3; L3540HST; L3540HST3; L3540HSTC; L3540HSTC3; L3830DT; L3830DTGST; L3830DTHST; L3940DT; L3940DTGST; L3940DTHST; L3940HST3; L3940HSTC; L3940HSTC3; L4240DT; L4240DTGST; L4240DTHST; L4240HST3; L4240HSTC; L4240HSTC3; L4300DT; L4300F; L4330DTGST; L4330DTHST; L4330DTHSTC; L4400DT; L4400F; L4400H; L45; L4630DT; L4630DTGSTC; L4630DTHST; L4740GST; L4740HST; L4740HST3; L4740HSTC; L4740HSTC3; L5030GST; L5030HSTC; L5240HST; L5240HST3; L5240HSTC; L5240HSTC3; L5740HST; L5740HST3; L5740HSTC; L5740HSTC3; M59; MX4700H; MX5100H
Kubota Clutch Disc 9 1/2" Rigid Fiber Drive Disc W/19 Spline By 1 3/8" Center Hub.
Double sealed roller bearing w/2.05" outside diameter, .98" inside diameter, and .59" width.
Part Reference Numbers: 08141-06205
Fits Models: F3062 MOWER; G1800 MOWER; G1800S MOWER; G1900 MOWER; G1900S MOWER; G3200 MOWER; G4200 MOWER; M8200DT; M8200HD; M8200HDC; M9000DT; M9000DTL; M9000HD; M9000HDC; M9000HDLF; T1460 MOWER; T1560 MOWER; T1570 MOWER; T1600H MOWER; T1670 MOWER; T1700GH MOWER; T1760 MOWER; T1770 MOWER
Kubota Bearing Double Sealed Roller Bearing W/2.05" Outside Diameter
Steering Gear Assembly with drop down arm.
Part Reference Numbers: 34159-16091;35240-16100
Fits Models: L175; L185; L245
Kubota Steering Gear Assembly Steering Gear Assembly With Drop Down Arm.
Rod x Bore 45 X 90 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68761-91050
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Rod X Bore 45 X 90 Mm
Price: $92.61 Price: $11.41 Price: $715.51 Price: $92.61
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Units marked #4540.
Part Reference Numbers: 16082-53900;16082-53903
Fits Models: KJS130DX; KJT270FXSW; KX913 EXCAVATOR; KX913S EXCAVATOR; KX913S2 EXCAVATOR; L2500DT; L2500F; L2600DT; L2600F; L2800DTHST; L2800F; L2900DT; L2900DTGST; L2900F; L3000DT; L3000F; L3010DT; L3010DTGST; L3010DTHST; L3010F; L3130DT; L3130DTGST; L3130DTHST; L3200DT; L3200F; L3200H; L3240DT3; L3240F3; L3240GST3; L3240HST; L3240HST3; L3240HSTC; L3240HSTC3; L3300DT; L3300DTGST; L3300F; L3400DTHST; L3400F; L3410DT; L3410DTGST; L3410DTHST; L3430DTC; L3430DTGSTC; L3430DTHSTC; L35; L3540GST; L3540GST3; L3540HST; L3540HST3; L3540HSTC; L3540HSTC3; L3800DT; L3800F; L3800H; SQ3170 GENERATOR; SQ3250SW GENERATOR; U35 EXCAVATOR; U35S EXCAVATOR; U35S2 EXCAVATOR
Kubota Injector Units Marked #4540.
Rod: 30 mm, Bore: 55 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68191-91020
Fits Models: KH-41 EXCAVATOR
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Rod: 30 Mm

Lens signal front bumper reflector MK3 JETTA CABRIO GOLF 1993-1998, left or right
Units marked #5060.
Part Reference Numbers: 16454-53900;16454-53903;16454-53905
Fits Models: KJS150VX; KJT210VX; KJT270FSW; KJT270FXSW; KX121-2 (S SERIES) EXCAVATOR; KX121-3 EXCAVATOR; KX121-3S EXCAVATOR; KX121-3ST EXCAVATOR; KX1212 EXCAVATOR; KX161-2 (S SERIES) EXCAVATOR; KX1612 EXCAVATOR; KX1613 EXCAVATOR; KX1613S EXCAVATOR; KX1613ST EXCAVATOR; L3600DT; L3600DTC; L3600DTGST; L3600DTGSTC; L3710DTGST; L3710DTHST; L3710DTHSTC; L3940DT3; L3940DTGST; L3940DTHST; L3940GST3; L3940HST3; L3940HSTC3; L4240DT3; L4240GST3; L4240HST3; L4240HSTC; L4240HSTC3; L4300DT; L4300F; L4310DTGST; L4310DTGSTC; L4310DTHST; L4310DTHSTC; L4310F; L4330DTGSTC; L4330DTHSTC; L4400DT; L4400F; L4400H; L45; L4600DT; L4600F; L4600H; L4610DTGST; L4610DTHST; M4700DT; M4800SUDF; M4800SUF; M4900; M4900DT; M4900SU; M4900SUDT; M5400; M5400DT; M5400DTN; M5700; M5700DT; R510 LOADER; R510B LOADER; R520 LOADER; R520S LOADER; SQ1200 GENERATOR; SQ3250 GENERATOR; U45S EXCAVATOR; U45ST EXCAVATOR
Kubota Injector Units Marked #5060.
Price: $86.15 Price: $48.90 Price: $19.04 Price: $92.61
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Bearing w/race. Race is 51.97mm outside diameter by 41.52mm inside diameter at begining of taper. Tapared roller bearing is 46.19mm outside diameter by 24.95mm inside diameter.
Part Reference Numbers: 08711-30205
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550HSTD; B1550HSTE; B1700D; B1700HSD; B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSTD; B1750HSTE; B21 INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION; B2100D; B2100HSD; B2150D; B2150HSD; B2320DT; B2320DTWO; B2320HSD; B2400D; B2400HSD; B2410HSD; B2410HSDB; B26 INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION; B2620HSD; B2630HSD; B2710HSD; B2910HSD; B2920HSD; B3000HSDC; B3000HSDCC; B3030HSD; B3030HSDC; B3030HSDCC; B4200D; B5100DP; B5100EP; B5200D; B5200E; B6100DP; B6100EP; B6100HSTD; B6100HSTE; B6200D; B6200E; B6200HSTD; B6200HSTE; B7100DP; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; B7200D; B7200E; B7200HSTD; B7200HSTE; B7300HSD; B7400HSD; B7410D; B7500D; B7500DTN; B7500HSD; B7510D; B7510DN; B7510HSD; B7510HSDTR; B7610HSD; B7800HSD; BX1800D; BX1830D; BX2200D; BX2230D; BX22D; BX2350D; BX2360; BX23D; BX24D; BX25; BX2660D; D1550E; F2260 MOWER; F2560 MOWER; F3060 MOWER; L185DT; L235; L245DT; L3130F; L3240F; L3240F3; L3750; L3830F; L4150; L4400F; L4600F; M4030; M4030SU; M4030SUTF; M4700; M4800SUF; M4900; M4900SU; M5030; M5030SU; M5040F; M5040F1; M5040FC; M5040FC1; M5140F; M5140FC; M5400; M5640SU; M5700; M6030; M6040F; M6040F1; M6040FC; M6040FC1; M6800; M6800S; M7030N; M7040F; M7040F1; M7040FC; M7040FC1; M7040SU; M7040SUH; MX5000F; MX5000SU; MX5100F; RTV1100CR; RTV1100CW; RTV900G; RTV900G6; RTV900R; RTV900R2; RTV900R6; RTV900RSD; RTV900RSDL; RTV900S; RTV900T; RTV900T5H; RTV900T6; RTV900W; RTV900W6; RTV900W6SE
Kubota Bearing Bearing W/race. Race Is 51.97mm Outside Diameter By 41.52mm Inside Diameter At Begining Of Taper. Tapared Roller Bearing Is 46.19mm Outside Diameter By 24.95mm Inside Diameter.
Inlet I.D. 1-3/4", Outlet O.D. 1-1/4", O/A Length 24-1/4".
Part Reference Numbers: 34219-12410;KUE-1
Fits Models: L185; L2050; L235; L2350; L275; L285; L295; L305; L345
Kubota Exhaust Pipe Inlet I.D. 1-3/4"
12V, 40 AMP
Part Reference Numbers: 15881-64200
Fits Models: A28 ENG
Kubota Alternator 12V
Part Reference Numbers: 15221-53000;15271-53002;19202-53020;19202-53021;70
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550E; B1550HSTD; B1550HSTE; B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSTD; B1750HSTE; B2150D; B2150E; B2150HSD; B2150HSE; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; F2100 MOWER; L175; L225; L225DT
Kubota Fuel Injector Part Reference Numbers: 15221-53000;15271-53002;19202-53020;19202-53021;70
Price: $20.58 Price: $45.83 Price: $158.16 Price: $70.84
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DD Starter 12V, CCW, 12 teeth
Part Reference Numbers: E7179-70130
Fits Models: RTV400
Kubota Starter DD Starter 12V
168 pages. Includes wiring diagrams for all models except L175, L210, L225, L225DT and L260.
Part Reference Numbers: K-201
Fits Models: B5100D; B5100E; B6100D; B6100E; B6100HSTD; B6100HSTE; B7100D; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; L175; L185; L210; L225; L225DT; L235; L245; L260; L275; L285; L295; L305; L345; L355
Kubota Service Manual 168 Pages. Includes Wiring Diagrams For All Models Except L175
OSGR Denso type, 12v, 9 tooth, CW rotation, 2.0KW.
Part Reference Numbers: 15425-63010
Kubota Starter OSGR Denso Type

Ford Pickup F-150 , F-250 Amber - 1973-1979
Price: $245.58 Price: $58.53 Price: $265.35 Price: $23.29
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12v, 9 tooth, 0.7KW, DD Mitz type. Two (2) ear mount.
Part Reference Numbers: 19837-63010
Fits Models: KH-007H EXCAVATOR; T1600H MOWER; T1600HG MOWER
Kubota Starter 12v
Very heavy duty switch. 20 amp 125 volt, two position on-off.  This switch has 4 poles. Two separate incoming and two separate outgoing. 

Good switch for lighting or anything that draws a lot of power.
Switch - Heavy Duty Toggle
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
10.25" Diaphram pressure plate.
Part Reference Numbers: TA040-20600;TA040-20601
Fits Models: L3600; L3600DT; L3600DTC; L3600DTGST; L3600DTGSTC; L3710DT; L3710DTC; L3710DTGST; L3710DTHST; L3710DTHSTC; L3830DT; L3830DTGST; L3830DTHST; L3830F; L3920DTHST; L3940DT; L3940DT3; L3940DTGST; L3940GST3; L4200DT; L4200DTC; L4200DTGST; L4200DTGSTC; L4200F; L4200FC; L4200FGST; L4240DT; L4240DT3; L4240DTGST; L4240DTHST; L4240GST3; L4310DT; L4310DTGST; L4310DTGSTC; L4310DTHST; L4310DTHSTC; L4310F; L4330DT; L4330DTGST; L4330DTHSTC; L4610DT; L4610DTGST; L4610DTHST; L4610DTHSTC; L4630DT; L4630DTGSTC; L4630DTHST; L4740GST; L4740GST3; L4740HST; L48; L5030GST; L5030HSTC; L5040GST; L5040GST3; MX4700DT; MX4700F; MX5000; MX5000DT; MX5000F; MX5000SU; MX5100DT; MX5100F
Kubota Clutch Plate 10.25" Diaphram Pressure Plate.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $221.64 Price: $10.70 Price: $131.94
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