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Bore 80 mm, Rod 50 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68271-99300
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 80 Mm

Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 60 Mm Rod 35 Mm
Units marked #5060.
Part Reference Numbers: 16454-53900;16454-53903;16454-53905
Fits Models: KJS150VX; KJT210VX; KJT270FSW; KJT270FXSW; KX121-2 (S SERIES) EXCAVATOR; KX121-3 EXCAVATOR; KX121-3S EXCAVATOR; KX121-3ST EXCAVATOR; KX1212 EXCAVATOR; KX161-2 (S SERIES) EXCAVATOR; KX1612 EXCAVATOR; KX1613 EXCAVATOR; KX1613S EXCAVATOR; KX1613ST EXCAVATOR; L3600DT; L3600DTC; L3600DTGST; L3600DTGSTC; L3710DTGST; L3710DTHST; L3710DTHSTC; L3940DT3; L3940DTGST; L3940DTHST; L3940GST3; L3940HST3; L3940HSTC3; L4240DT3; L4240GST3; L4240HST3; L4240HSTC; L4240HSTC3; L4300DT; L4300F; L4310DTGST; L4310DTGSTC; L4310DTHST; L4310DTHSTC; L4310F; L4330DTGSTC; L4330DTHSTC; L4400DT; L4400F; L4400H; L45; L4600DT; L4600F; L4600H; L4610DTGST; L4610DTHST; M4700DT; M4800SUDF; M4800SUF; M4900; M4900DT; M4900SU; M4900SUDT; M5400; M5400DT; M5400DTN; M5700; M5700DT; R510 LOADER; R510B LOADER; R520 LOADER; R520S LOADER; SQ1200 GENERATOR; SQ3250 GENERATOR; U45S EXCAVATOR; U45ST EXCAVATOR
Kubota Injector Units Marked #5060.
Ever wonder if you should change your anti-freeze.
Ever try to fix a freeze cracked engine block?

This tester should be in your tool box. 
It has  two scales to show freeze point of radiator solution and boiling point of summer coolant.  Avoid winter freeze-ups and summer boil-overs.  Tests all Permanent solutions.
Made in the USA
<img src=\"/images/usaflag-backed.gif\" />
Anti-Freeze Tester - Check It And Know It Won't Freeze
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $70.75 Price: $92.61 Price: $92.61 Price: $7.63
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12v, 9 tooth, 2.5KW, OSGR Denso type w/three (3) ear mount.
Part Reference Numbers: 15451-63014
Fits Models: M5500; M55DT; M5950; M5950DT; M5950DTS; M5950S; M6030; M6030DT; M6030DTN; M6030DTNB; M6030T; M7030; M7030DT; M7030DTNB; M7030N; M7030SU; M7030SUDT; M7500; M8030; M8030DT
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Water pump for 6.9 and 7.3 Engines NOT made in China. This is the real part made in USA.  So if you want one at this price, order now. NEW OLD STOCK might be the last one we ever see.
Water Pump - NEW OLD STOCK
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
This switch screws into the water pump and is a two prong electrical connection.
HPCA (High Pressure Cold Advance) Fast Idle Switch For 4000 Series Trucks With 7.3L IDI
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
OSGR Denso type, 12v, 9 tooth, CW rotation, 2.0KW.
Part Reference Numbers: 15425-63010
Kubota Starter OSGR Denso Type
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $344.02 Price: $243.73 Price: $102.29 - $102.29 Price: $265.35
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Rod 40mm X Bore 80 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68311-91010
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Rod 40mm X Bore 80 Mm
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Paddle type drive disc 13" outside diameter w/ 1 9/16" (28.575mm) 14 spline hub, six pads.
Part Reference Numbers: 36430-25130;3C081-25132;3F740-25120;3F740-25122
Fits Models: M6950; M6950DT; M6950DTS; M6950S; M6970DT; M7580DT; M7580DTC; M7950; M7950DT; M7950DTS; M7950H; M7950S; M7950W; M7970DT; M8580; M8580DT; M8580DTC; M8950; M8950DT; M8950DTS; M8950S; M8970DT; M9540
Kubota Clutch Disc Paddle Type Drive Disc 13" Outside Diameter W/ 1 9/16" (28.575mm) 14 Spline Hub
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
11" clutch kit contains 32530-14600 pressure plate, 32530-14304 spring clutch disc, 32530-14870 release bearing, 3708600M1 pilot bearing and pilot tool.
Part Reference Numbers: 32530-14304;32530-14600
Fits Models: L3750; L3750DT; L4150; L4150DT; L4850DT
Kubota Clutch Kit 11" Clutch Kit Contains 32530-14600 Pressure Plate
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L

Spark Plug
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $92.61 Price: $169.18 Price: $420.40 Price: $3.18
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Tail Light Lens Wrangler Jeep - 1991-2008
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L

Brake Hose
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
2.17" inside diameter, 3.31 outside diameter, .628" width.
Part Reference Numbers: 38430-14820
Fits Models: B2150D; B2150E; B9200DCDP; B9200DCEP; L2250DT; L2250F; L235; L2550; L2550DT; L2550F; L2650DT; L2650F; L275; L2850DT; L2850F; L2950DT; L2950F; L3000DT; L3000F; L3250DT; L3250F; L3350DT; L3400DT; L3400DTHST; L3400F; L3450DT; L3450F; L3650DT; L3650F; L3800DT; L3800F; L4350DT
Kubota Release Bearing 2.17" Inside Diameter
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
1000 Watts, 120V
Part Reference Numbers: 
Fits Models: B1550 COMPACT TRACTOR; B1550HST; B1700D; B1700HSD; B1750 COMPACT TRACTOR; B1750HST; B2100D; B2150 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2150HST; B2400 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2400D; B2400HSD; B4200 COMPACT TRACTOR; B4200D; B5100 COMPACT TRACTOR; B5100DP; B5100EP; B5200 COMPACT TRACTOR; B5200D; B5200E; B6000; B6000E; B6100; B6100DP; B6100EP; B6200; B6200D; B6200E; B7100; B7100DP; B7100HST; B7200; B7200D; B7200E; B7300; B7500; B8200; B8200DP; B8200EP; B9200; B9200DP; B9200EP; B9200HST; L2050; L2050DT; L2250; L2250DT; L235; L2350; L2350DT; L235DT; L245; L245DT; L2500; L2500DT; L2650; L2650DT; L275; L275DT; L285; L2850; L2850DT; L285DT; L2900; L2900DT; L295; L2950; L2950DT; L295DT; L3010; L3010DT; L305; L305DT; L3250; L3250DT; L3300; L3300DT; L3350; L3350DT; L3400; L3400DT; L3410; L3410DT; L345; L3450; L3450DT; L345DT; L3600; L3600DT; L3650; L3650DT; L3750; L3750DT; L4150; L4150DT; L4200DT; L4350DT
Kubota Circulating Tank Heater 1000 Watts
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $31.77 pair Price: $10.61 Price: $42.43 Price: $92.70
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Part Reference Numbers: RP201-53710
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550E; B1700D; B1700E; B1750D; B1750E; B2100D; B2100E; B2150D; B2150E; B2400D; B2400E; B2410HSE; B2710HSD; B2910HSD; B7300HSD; B7400HSD; B7500D; B7500DTN; B7500HSD; B7800HSD; G1700 MOWER; G1800 MOWER; G1800S MOWER; G1900 MOWER; G1900S MOWER; G2000 MOWER; G2000S MOWER; GF1800 MOWER; GF1800E MOWER; T1600H MOWER
Kubota Regulator Part Reference Numbers: RP201-53710
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
<img src=\"/images/usaflag-backed.gif\" /> Made in America. 

DISCONNECT BATTERY before doing any work.   PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER:   At least 40 years have passed since your machine was built.  Many people have worked on, and changed things from factory configuration.  It is customer\'s responsibility to make sure that harness  and contact arrangement is correct for the application.   Because the previous old harnesses may have damaged components in your electrical system,  Pacific Supply Group accepts no liability for any device that you attach this new harness to.
Harness - New Old Stock.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
1200 Watt, 120V A/C, 15 AMP
Part Reference Numbers: 70000-73595
Fits Models: BX2660; G1800 MOWER; G1900 MOWER; G2000 MOWER; GF1800 MOWER; KH-007 EXCAVATOR; ZD18 MOWER; ZD21 MOWER
Kubota Frost Plug Heater 1200 Watt
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Open roller bearing, 99.95mm outside diameter by 54.90mm inside diameter by 20.95mm width.
Part Reference Numbers: 08101-06211
Fits Models: KH-170L EXCAVATOR; KH-28L EXCAVATOR; L200; L210; L245H; L295DT; L295F; L305DT; L305F; L3350DT; L345; L345DT; L355SS; L3750DT; L4150; L4150DT; L4150DTN; L4350DT; L48; L4850DT; L5450DT; L6750DT; M100GXDTC; M100XDTC; M105SDS; M105SDSL; M105SDT; M105SHD; M105XDTC; M108DSC; M108DSC2; M108HDC2; M108SDS; M108SDS2; M108SDSL; M108SDSL2; M108SDSL2S; M108SDSLS; M108SHD; M108SHDC; M108XDTC; M110DTC; M4030DT; M4700; M4700DT; M4800SUDF; M4800SUF; M4900; M4900DT; M4900SU; M4900SUDT; M4950DTS; M5030DT; M5030SUMDT; M5040DT; M5040DT1; M5040DTC; M5040DTC1; M5040F; M5040F1; M5040FC; M5040FC1; M5040HD; M5040HD1; M5040HDC; M5040HDC1; M5400; M5400DT; M5400DTN; M5640SU; M5640SUD; M5700; M5700DT; M5700DTN; M5700HD; M5700HDC; M6030DT; M6030DTN; M6030DTNB; M6040DT; M6040DT1; M6040DTC; M6040DTC1; M6040F; M6040F1; M6040FC; M6040FC1; M6040HD; M6040HD1; M6040HDC; M6040HDC1; M6040HDNB; M6040HDNB1; M6800; M6800DT; M6800HD; M6800HDC; M6800S; M6800SDT; M6950; M6950DT; M7030DTNB; M7030SUDT; M7040DT; M7040DT1; M7040DTC; M7040DTC1; M7040F; M7040F1; M7040FC; M7040FC1; M7040HD; M7040HD1; M7040HDC; M7040HDC1; M7040HDNB; M7040HDNB1; M7040HDNBC; M7040SU; M7040SUD; M7950; M7950DT; M7950H; M7950W; M8200DT; M8200DTN; M8200DTNB; M8200HD; M8200HDC; M8200SDTN; M8200SDTNB; M8200SDTNQ; M8540HD; M8540HD1; M8540HD12; M8540HD121; M8540HDC; M8540HDC1; M8540HDC12; M8540HDC121; M8540HDNB; M8540HDNB1; M8540HDNBC; M8560HD; M8560HD12; M8560HDC; M8560HDC12; M9000DT; M9000DTL; M9000HD; M9000HDC; M9000HDLF; M9540DT; M9540DT1; M9540DTC; M9540DTC1; M9540HD; M9540HD1; M9540HD12; M9540HD121; M9540HDC; M9540HDC1; M9540HDC12; M9540HDC121; M9540HDC241; M9540HDCLTD; M9540HDL; M9540HDL1; M9540HDL1S; M9580DT; M9580DTC; M95SDS; M95SDT; M95XDTC; M96SDS; M96SDSC; M9960HD; M9960HD12; M9960HDC; M9960HDC12; M9960HDC24; M9960HDL; M9960HDSL; R400B LOADER; R410 LOADER; R410B LOADER
Kubota Bearing Open Roller Bearing
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $120.03 Price: $108.58 Price: $33.70 Price: $31.50
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