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Front Wheel/Axle Nut
Part Reference Numbers: 32580-44940
Fits Models: L3350DT; L3750; L3750DT; L4150; L4150DT; L4150DTN; L4350DT; L48; L4850DT; L5450DT; M4700DT; M4900DT; M5400DT; M5400DTN; M5700DT; M5700DTN; M5700HD; M5700HDC; M8200DTNB; M8200SDTNB; M8200SDTNQ
Kubota Wheel Nut Front Wheel/Axle Nut
12v, 9 tooth, 2.5KW, OSGR Denso type w/three (3) ear mount.
Part Reference Numbers: 15451-63014
Fits Models: M5500; M55DT; M5950; M5950DT; M5950DTS; M5950S; M6030; M6030DT; M6030DTN; M6030DTNB; M6030T; M7030; M7030DT; M7030DTNB; M7030N; M7030SU; M7030SUDT; M7500; M8030; M8030DT
Kubota Starter 12v
Extent the life of you battery with these protection boots. Stops corrosion which causes voltage lose.
BatteryTerminal Protector Boots For International 4700
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
12v, CW, 9 Teeth, Direct Drive, Denso-type starter for gas applications.
Part Reference Numbers: EG673-63013
Fits Models: RTV500
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $11.28 Price: $361.22 Price: $4.57 Price: $234.91
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Bore 90 mm Rod 45 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68761-91150
Fits Models: KH-90H EXCAVATOR
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 90 Mm Rod 45 Mm
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Open roller bearing, 46.98mm outside diameter, by 19.95mm inside diameter, by 13.95mm width.
Part Reference Numbers: 08101-06204
Fits Models: AT25; B1550D; B1550E; B1550HSTD; B1550HSTE; B1700D; B1700E; B1700HSE; B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSTD; B1750HSTE; B2100D; B2100E; B2100HSE; B2150E; B2150HSE; B2320DT; B2320DTN; B2320DTWO; B2320HSD; B2320HSDN; B2360; B2400D; B2400E; B2400HSE; B2410HSD; B2410HSDB; B2410HSE; B2620HSD; B2710HSD; B2910HSD; B2920HSD; B3030HSD; B3030HSDC; B3030HSDCC; B3200HSD; B3200HSDWO; B4200D; B5100DP; B5100EP; B5200D; B5200E; B6000; B6000E; B6100DP; B6100EP; B6100HST; B6100HSTD; B6100HSTE; B6200D; B6200E; B6200HSTD; B6200HSTE; B7100DP; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; B7200D; B7200E; B7200HSTD; B7200HSTE; B7300HSD; B7400HSD; B7410D; B7500D; B7500DTN; B7500HSD; B7510D; B7510DN; B7510HSD; B7510HSDTR; B7610HSD; B7800HSD; B8200DP; B8200EP; B8200HSTDP; B8200HSTEP; B9200DCEP; B9200HSTEP; BX1500D; BX1800D; BX1830D; BX1860; BX2200D; BX2230D; BX22D; BX2350D; BX23D; BX24D; BX25; BX2660D; F2000 MOWER; F2000ESW MOWER; F200ELW MOWER; F2100 MOWER; F2100E MOWER; F2260 MOWER; F2400 MOWER; F2560 MOWER; F2560E MOWER; F3060 MOWER; F3080 MOWER; FZ2100 MOWER; FZ2400 MOWER; G1700 MOWER; G1800 MOWER; G1800S MOWER; G1900 MOWER; G1900S MOWER; G2000 MOWER; G2000S MOWER; G2160 MOWER; G2160AU MOWER; G2160DS MOWER; G2460G MOWER; G2591 MOWER; G3200 MOWER; G4200 MOWER; GF1800 MOWER; GF1800E MOWER; GR2000G MOWER; GR2010G MOWER; GR2010GAB MOWER; GR2020G MOWER; GR2020GB MOWER; GR2100 MOWER; GR2110 MOWER; GR2120 MOWER; GR2120B MOWER; L175; L185DT; L185F; L2050DT; L225; L2250DT; L225DT; L235; L2350DT; L245DT; L2500DT; L2550DT; L2600DT; L2650DT; L2650DTWET; L275; L2800DT; L2800DTHST; L2850DT; L2900DT; L2900DTGST; L2900F; L2950DT; L2950DTWET; L3000DT; L3010DT; L3010DTGST; L3010DTHST; L3130F; L3250DT; L3300DT; L3300DTGST; L3300F; L3400DT; L3400DTHST; L3410DT; L3410DTGST; L3410DTHST; L3430DT; L3430DTGST; L3430DTHSTC; L3450DT; L3450DTWET; L35; L3540GST; L3600DT; L3600DTC; L3600DTGST; L3600DTGSTC; L3650DT; L3650DTGST; L3650DTWET; L3700SU; L3710DT; L3710GST; L3710HST; L3800H; L3830DT; L3830DTGST; L3830DTHST; L3830F; L39; L3940DT; L3940DTGST; L3940DTHST; L4200DT; L4200DTC; L4200DTGST; L4200DTGSTC; L4200F; L4200FC; L4200FGST; L4240DT; L4240DTGST; L4240DTHST; L4310DT; L4310DTGST; L4310DTGSTC; L4310DTHST; L4310DTHSTC; L4310F; L4330DT; L4330DTGST; L4330DTHSTC; L4600DT; L4610DTGST; L4630DT; L4630DTGSTC; L4630DTHST; L4740GST; L4740HST; L5030GST; L5030HSTC; L5040GST; L8385; L8475; M5040DT; M5040DT1; M5040DTC; M5040DTC1; M5040F; M5040F1; M5040FC; M5040FC1; M5040HD; M5040HD1; M5040HDC; M5040HDC1; M6040DT; M6040DT1; M6040DTC; M6040DTC1; M6040F; M6040F1; M6040FC; M6040FC1; M6040HD; M6040HD1; M6040HDC; M6040HDC1; M6040HDNB; M6040HDNB1; M7040DT; M7040DT1; M7040DTC; M7040DTC1; M7040F; M7040F1; M7040FC; M7040FC1; M7040HD; M7040HD1; M7040HDC; M7040HDC1; M7040HDNB; M7040HDNB1; M7040HDNBC; M8540HDNB; M8540HDNB1; M8540HDNBC10; M8540HDNBPC; MX4700DT; MX4700F; MX5100DT; MX5100F; MZG20 MOWER; RTV500AH; RTV500RAH; RTV900G6; RTV900G9; RTV900R6; RTV900R9; RTV900T6; RTV900T9; RTV900W6; RTV900W6SE; RTV900W8SE; RTV900W9; RTV900W9SE; RTV900XTG; RTV900XTR; RTV900XTS; RTV900XTT; RTV900XTW; ZD18 MOWER; ZD18F MOWER; ZD21 MOWER; ZD21F MOWER; ZD221 MOWER; ZD25F MOWER; ZD28 MOWER; ZD28F MOWER; ZG222 MOWER; ZG222A MOWER; ZG222S MOWER; ZG222SA MOWER; ZG227 MOWER; ZG227A MOWER; ZG227L MOWER; ZG227LA MOWER; ZG23 MOWER
Kubota Bearing Open Roller Bearing
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...

Corvette Tail Light Lens Corvette Amber - 1991-1996
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
This is the bullet connector type glow plug for the T444E as used in International 4600 and 4700 trucks (or similar)

These are the longer of the bullet type glow plugs, they measure 5" overall.
Bullet Type Glow Plug For International T444E Powerstroke
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $166.07 Price: $12.43 Price: $24.45 Price: $39.74
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Part Reference Numbers: 14278-63021;14278-63022;15231-63022
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550E; B1750D; B1750E; B20 INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION; B4200D; B5200D; B5200E; B6200D; B6200E; B7200D; B7200E; B8200DP; B8200EP; F2000 MOWER; F2100 MOWER; F2100E MOWER; G1700 MOWER; G1800 MOWER; G1900 MOWER
Kubota Solenoid Part Reference Numbers: 14278-63021;14278-63022;15231-63022
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Dia 5/8" X 70.5"
Part Reference Numbers: 76517-61660
Fits Models: T1400H MOWER; T1700H MOWER; T1700HX MOWER
Kubota Belt Dia 5/8" X 70.5"
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Part Reference Numbers: 15521-65510;15521-65511;15521-65512
Fits Models: B5100DP; B5100EP; B6100DP; B6100EP; B6100HSTD; B6100HSTE; B7100DP; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; GV312060B GENERATOR; GV3170SW GENERATOR; GV3240 GENERATOR; GV3240SW GENERATOR; KH-170L EXCAVATOR; KH-28L EXCAVATOR; KH-60H EXCAVATOR; KH-90H EXCAVATOR; L2050DT; L2050F; L235; L2350DT; L2350F; L275; L355SS; M4950; M4950DT; M4950DTS; M4950S; R400B LOADER; R410 LOADER; R410B LOADER
Kubota Glow Plug 10mmx1.25
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
This module was used on the glow plug harness of the 7.3 International diesel engines used in Ford F250 Pickup trucks.  Water in fuel sensor.
F250, F350, E250, E350

<img src=\"/images/usaflag-backed.gif\" /> Made in America. 

DISCONNECT BATTERY before doing any work.   PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER:   At least 40 years have passed since your machine was built.  Many people have worked on, and changed things from factory configuration.  It is customer\'s responsibility to make sure that harness  and contact arrangement is correct for the application.   Because the previous old harnesses may have damaged components in your electrical system,  Pacific Supply Group accepts no liability for any device that you attach this new harness to.
Water In Fuel Sensor - Module For Ford Glow Plug Harness
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $32.22 Price: $26.11 Price: $14.72 Price: $195.82
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Bore 90 mm Rod 50 mm
Part Reference Numbers: RD548-71130
Fits Models: KX1613ST EXCAVATOR
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 90 Mm Rod 50 Mm
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
OSGR Denso type, 12v, 9 tooth, CW rotation, 2.0KW.
Part Reference Numbers: 15425-63010
Kubota Starter OSGR Denso Type
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L

Wheel Cylinder
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
12v, 9 tooth, 2.5KW, PLGR w/open DE Mitz type. Two (2) ear mount.
Part Reference Numbers: 1C010-63010;1C010-63011;1C010-63012;1G772-63010;1G
Fits Models: M100XDT; M105; M105S; M105SDS; M105SDSF; M105SDSL; M105SDT; M105SH; M105SHD; M105XDTC; M108; M108DSC; M108DSC2; M108HDC2; M108SDS; M108SDS2; M108SDSF; M108SDSL; M108SDSL2; M108SDSL2S; M108SDSLS; M108SH; M108SHD; M108SHDC; M108XDTC; M110XDTC; M6040; M6040DT; M6040HDNB; M6800; M6800DT; M6800HD; M6800S; M6800SDT; M7040; M7040DT; M7040DTC; M8200; M8200DT; M8200DTN; M8200HD; M8200SDTN; M8540DT; M8540DT1; M8540F; M8540F1; M8540HD; M8540HD1; M8540HD12; M8540HD121; M9000; M9000DT; M9000DTL
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $234.91 Price: $278.62 Price: $16.71 Price: $292.28
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12v, 26.90 watts, single contact bayonet base. Type 1156.
Part Reference Numbers: 66591-55630
Fits Models: B1700D; B1700E; B1700HSD; B1700HSE; B2100D; B2100E; B2100HSD; B2100HSE; B2400D; B2400E; B2400HSD; B2400HSE; B5100DP; B5100EP; B6000; B6000E; B6100DP; B6100EP; B6100HSTD; B6100HSTE; B7100DP; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; B7300HSD; B7400HSD; B7500D; B7500DTN; B7500HSD; B7800HSD; KH-007H EXCAVATOR
Kubota Bulb 12v (pack of 10)
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Part Reference Numbers: 
Fits Models: L3750; L3750DT; L4150; L4150DT; L4850DT
Kubota Clutch Alignment Tool Part Reference Numbers:
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $11.13 Price: $14.72
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