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Prevents battery corrosion.  If you have tractors with batteries, this spray will keep your terminals clean and  your batteries in good shape. Seals and protects. Works great on 6 and 12 volt. Can be used on all connectors.
Protect Your Battery Terminals - Spray
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Water pump for 6.9 and 7.3 Engines NOT made in China. This is the real part made in USA.  So if you want one at this price, order now. NEW OLD STOCK might be the last one we ever see.
Water Pump - NEW OLD STOCK
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L

Tail light Lens Plymouth Power Wagon Truck - 1972-1980 Left and Right
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Units marked #4540.
Part Reference Numbers: 16082-53900;16082-53903
Fits Models: KJS130DX; KJT270FXSW; KX913 EXCAVATOR; KX913S EXCAVATOR; KX913S2 EXCAVATOR; L2500DT; L2500F; L2600DT; L2600F; L2800DTHST; L2800F; L2900DT; L2900DTGST; L2900F; L3000DT; L3000F; L3010DT; L3010DTGST; L3010DTHST; L3010F; L3130DT; L3130DTGST; L3130DTHST; L3200DT; L3200F; L3200H; L3240DT3; L3240F3; L3240GST3; L3240HST; L3240HST3; L3240HSTC; L3240HSTC3; L3300DT; L3300DTGST; L3300F; L3400DTHST; L3400F; L3410DT; L3410DTGST; L3410DTHST; L3430DTC; L3430DTGSTC; L3430DTHSTC; L35; L3540GST; L3540GST3; L3540HST; L3540HST3; L3540HSTC; L3540HSTC3; L3800DT; L3800F; L3800H; SQ3170 GENERATOR; SQ3250SW GENERATOR; U35 EXCAVATOR; U35S EXCAVATOR; U35S2 EXCAVATOR
Kubota Injector Units Marked #4540.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $6.25 Price: $234.36 Price: $33.61 pair Price: $82.84
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OSGR, Denso Type, 12V, 8 tooth, 1.4kW
Part Reference Numbers: T1150-16800
Fits Models: L3200H; L3400DT; L3400F; L3400HST; L3540GST; L3540HST; L3700SU; L3800DT; L3800F; L3800H; L3830DT; L3830F; L3830GST; L3830HST; L39; L3940DT; L3940GST; L3940HST; L4240DT; L4240GST; L4240HST; L4240HSTC; L4330DT; L4330GST; L4330HST; L4400DT; L4400F; L4400H; L45; L4600DT; L4600F; L4630DT; L4630GST; L4630HST
Kubota Starter OSGR
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Part Reference Numbers: 15221-53000;15271-53002;19202-53020;19202-53021;70
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550E; B1550HSTD; B1550HSTE; B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSTD; B1750HSTE; B2150D; B2150E; B2150HSD; B2150HSE; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; F2100 MOWER; L175; L225; L225DT
Kubota Fuel Injector Part Reference Numbers: 15221-53000;15271-53002;19202-53020;19202-53021;70
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
7.25: Diaphram pressure plate.
Part Reference Numbers: 37150-14500;67211-13300
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550E; B1550HSTD; B1550HSTE; B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSTD; B1750HSTE; B5200D; B5200E; B6200D; B6200E; B6200HSDE; B6200HSTD; B7200D; B7200E; B7200HSTD; B7200HSTE; L185DT; L185F
Kubota Clutch Plate 7.25: Diaphram Pressure Plate.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Protect your wiring. This stuff is great.  It fuses together permanently upon contact with its self . Available in red or black.
Self-fusing Tape For Auto
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $267.75 Price: $68.12 Price: $82.74 Price: $8.39
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Reman 8" Diaphragm Style Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate For Kubota B20 Tractors. Woven Clutch Disc With 1", 10 Spline Hub, Flat Flywheel, Replaces Kubota PN#: 6C040-13300, 6C04013300. $310.50 PLUS $25.00 CORE CHARGE
8" Diaphragm Style Clutch Disc And Pressure Plate For Kubota B20 Tractors- Reman.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Part Reference Numbers: 3A011-75100
Fits Models: M4700; M4700DT; M4800SUDF; M4800SUF; M4900; M4900CAB; M4900DT; M4900SU; M4900SUDT; M5400; M5400DT; M5400DTN; M5700; M5700DT; M6800; M6800S; M6800SDT; M8200DTN; M8200SDTN
Kubota Safety Switch Part Reference Numbers: 3A011-75100
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
9" dual pressure plate with 19 spline 1 3/8" center hub. 
Part Reference Numbers: 35080-14290
Fits Models: L2850; L2850DT; L2950; L2950DT; L2950F; L3250; L3250DT; L3400; L3400DT; L3450; L3450DT; L3450F; L3650; L3650DT; L3650F
Kubota Clutch Plate Double 9" Dual Pressure Plate With 19 Spline 1 3/8" Center Hub.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Cat 1. For various Kubota B Series models. Kit consists of 2 lift arms, 1 adjustable leveling arm, 1 stabilizer bar, 2 stabilizer chain assemblies, 1 adjustable top link, 2 leveling arm brackets.
Part Reference Numbers: 
Fits Models:
Kubota 3 Point Hitch Kit Cat 1. For Various Kubota B Series Models. Kit Consists Of 2 Lift Arms
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $316.71 Price: $21.81 Price: $612.35 Price: $299.17
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12v, 9 tooth, 0.7KW, DD Denso type. Two (2) ear threaded mounts on DE housing.
Part Reference Numbers: 12499-63010
Fits Models: T1700H MOWER; T1700HX MOWER
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L

Tail light lens rear Beetle, Volkswagen BEETLE TAILLIGHT 1979-2004 LENS
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
International called for the CH 84 as the OE replacement glow plug for the 7.3L motors prior to the Powerstroke. these are the shorter of the bullet type plugs, they measure 3 1/8 inches including the bullet connector.
CH84 Glow Plug For 7.3L IDI Motor
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Center opening dual air intake with snap hardware included.
WinterFront Radiator Cover Dual Air Intake
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $171.09 Price: $20.35 each Price: $23.06 Price: $103.64
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Diameter: 2 1/2" Length: 9 3/4" Inlet: Pad Outlet: Pad
Part Reference Numbers: T0070-79270;T2055-72230
Fits Models: KX0574 EXCAVATOR; KX0803 EXCAVATOR; KX0803T EXCAVATOR; KX121-3 EXCAVATOR; KX121-3S EXCAVATOR; KX121-3ST EXCAVATOR; KX1613 EXCAVATOR; KX1613S EXCAVATOR; KX1613ST; KX913S2 EXCAVATOR; L3240; L3240DT; L3240HSTC; L3430; L3430DT; L3430DTC; L3430DTGSTC; L3430DTHSTC; L3430GSTC; L3430HSTC; L3600; L3600DT; L3600DTC; L3600DTGSTC; L3710; L3710DT; L3710DTC; L3710DTHSTC; L4200; L4200DT; L4200DTC; L4200DTGSTC; L4200FC; L4310; L4310DT; L4310DTC; L4310DTGSTC; L4310DTHSTC; L4330; L4330DT; L4330DTC; L4330DTGSTC; L4330DTHSTC; L4330GSTC; L4330HSTC; L4610; L4610DT; L4610DTC; L4610DTHSTC; L4630; L4630DT; L4630DTC; L4630DTGSTC; L4630DTHSTC; L4630GSTC; L4630HST; L4630HSTC; L5030; L5030DT; L5030GSTC; L5030HSTC; M105SC; M105SDTC; M105XDTC; M108SDTC; M108XDTC; M110DTC; M110FC; M120DTC; M120FC; M4900; M4900C; M4900DT; M4900DTC; M5040; M5040DT; M5040DTC; M5040HDC; M5700; M5700C; M5700DT; M5700DTC; M5700HDC; M6040; M6040DT; M6040DTC; M6040FC; M6040HDC; M6800; M6800DT; M6800S; M6800SC; M6800SDT; M6800SDTC; M7040; M7040DT; M7040DTC; M7040FC; M7040HDC; M7580DTC; M8200C; M8540; M8540DT; M8580DTC; M9000; M9000C; M9000DT; M9000DTC; M9000DTMC; M9000HDC; M9540; M9580DTC; M95SDTC; M95XDTC; RTV1100CR; RTV1100CW
Kubota Receiver Drier Diameter: 2 1/2" Length: 9 3/4" Inlet: Pad Outlet: Pad
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
12v, 9 tooth, 2.5KW, OSGR Denso type w/three (3) ear mount.
Part Reference Numbers: 15451-63014
Fits Models: M5500; M55DT; M5950; M5950DT; M5950DTS; M5950S; M6030; M6030DT; M6030DTN; M6030DTNB; M6030T; M7030; M7030DT; M7030DTNB; M7030N; M7030SU; M7030SUDT; M7500; M8030; M8030DT
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Part Reference Numbers: 32530-14870
Fits Models: L3750; L3750DT; L4150; L4150DT; L4850DT
Kubota Release Bearing Part Reference Numbers: 32530-14870
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $70.22 Price: $330.79 Price: $162.59
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