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Bore 55mm x Rod 30mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68511-91110
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 55mm X Rod 30mm
Alternator - Mitsubishi style 12 volt 45 amp Internal Regulator / Internal Fan1 groove pulley
Part Reference Numbers: 1C010-64010
Fits Models: M6800; M6800DT; M6800S; M6800SDT; M8200; M8200DT; M9000; M9000DT
Kubota Alternator Alternator - Mitsubishi Style 12 Volt 45 Amp Internal Regulator / Internal Fan1 Groove Pulley
 Recommended Torque specification is 85 Ft pounds when installed properly. Outside diameter 2 3/4". Inside hole size 1 1/8" 
Part Reference Numbers: K5651-34352
Fits Models:
Kubota Blade Bolt Beveled Washer Recommended Torque Specification Is 85 Ft Pounds When Installed Properly. Outside Diameter 2 3/4". Inside Hole Size 1 1/8"
Split collar design. 19.19mm OD, 14.20mm ID, .91mm Wall Thickness, 14.89mm HT.
Part Reference Numbers: 66621-14120
Fits Models: B1550D; B1550E; B1550HSTD; B1550HSTE; B1700D; B1700E; B1700HSD; B1700HSE; B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSTD; B1750HSTE; B20 INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION; B21 INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION; B2100D; B2100E; B2100HSD; B2100HSE; B2150 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2150D; B2150E; B2150HSD; B2150HSE; B2320DT; B2320DTN; B2320DTWO; B2320HSD; B2320HSDN; B2400D; B2400E; B2400HSD; B2400HSE; B2410HSD; B2410HSDB; B2410HSE; B26 INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION; B2620HSD; B2630HSD; B2710HSD; B2910HSD; B2920HSD; B3000HSDC; B3000HSDCC; B3030HSD; B3030HSDC; B3030HSDCC; B3200HSD; B3200HSDWO; B3300SUHSD; B4200D; B5100DP; B5100EP; B5200D; B5200E; B6000; B6100DP; B6100EP; B6100HSTD; B6100HSTE; B6200D; B6200E; B6200HSTD; B6200HSTE; B7100DP; B7100HSTD; B7100HSTE; B7200D; B7200E; B7200HSTD; B7200HSTE; B7300; B7300HSD; B7400HSD; B7410D; B7500D; B7500DTN; B7500HSD; B7510D; B7510DN; B7510HSD; B7510HSDTR; B7610HSD; B7800HSD; B8200DP; B8200EP; B8200HSTDP; B8200HSTEP; B9200DCDP; B9200DCEP; B9200HSD; B9200HSTDP; B9200HSTEP; F2000 MOWER; F2100 MOWER; F2100E MOWER; F2400 MOWER; RTV1100CR; RTV1100CW; RTV900G6; RTV900R6; RTV900T6; RTV900W6; RTV900W6SE; RTV900W8SE
Kubota Pilot Bushing Split Collar Design. 19.19mm OD
Price: $49.06 Price: $234.91 Price: $11.30 Price: $20.46
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Includes gasket.
Part Reference Numbers: 15481-73030;15481-73035
Fits Models: M5950DTS; M5950S; M6030; M6030DT; M6030DTN; M6030DTNB; M6950DTS; M6950S; M7030; M7030DT; M7030DTNB; M7030N; M7030SU; M7580DT; M7950DTS; M7950S; M7970DT; M8030; M8030DT; M8580DT; M8950DTS; M8950S; M8970DT; M9580DT
Kubota Water Pump Includes Gasket.
Bore 70 mm Rod 40 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68761-91060
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 70 Mm Rod 40 Mm
71 degrees celsius, 160 degrees fahrenheit.
Part Reference Numbers: 19434-73010;19434-73013;19434-73014
Fits Models: BX1500D; BX2230D; G2160 MOWER; G2160AU MOWER; G2160DS MOWER; GR2100 MOWER; GR2110 MOWER; GR2120 MOWER; GR2120B MOWER; GV1125Q60KTC GENERATOR; GV3250Q60SW GENERATOR; KJS130D; KJS130DX; KJS150V; KJS150VX; KJT210V; KJT210VX; KJT270FSW; KJT270FXSW; KX1212 EXCAVATOR; KX1612 EXCAVATOR; KX413 EXCAVATOR; KX913 EXCAVATOR; KX913S2 EXCAVATOR; L2500DT; L2500F; L2600DT; L2600F; L2900DT; L2900DTGST; L2900F; L3000DT; L3000F; L3010DT; L3010DTGST; L3010DTHST; L3010F; L3300DT; L3300DTGST; L3300F; L3410DT; L3410DTGST; L3410DTHST; L35; L3710DT; L3710DTGST; L3710DTHST; L4200DT; L4200DTGST; L4200F; L4200FGST; L4300DT; L4300F; L4310DT; L4310DTGST; L4310DTHST; L4310F; L4350DT; L4610DTGST; L4610DTHST; M4700; M4700DT; M4900; M4900DT; M4900SU; M4900SUDT; M5400; M5400DT; M5400DTN; M5450DT; M5700; M5700DT; M5700DTN; M5700HD; M5700HDC; R420 LOADER; R420S LOADER; R510 LOADER; R510B LOADER; R520 LOADER; R520S LOADER; SQ1140 GENERATOR; SQ1200 GENERATOR; SQ3170 GENERATOR; SQ3250 GENERATOR; U17 EXCAVATOR; U35 EXCAVATOR; U35S EXCAVATOR; U35S2 EXCAVATOR; ZD21 MOWER; ZD21F MOWER; ZD221 MOWER; ZD321 MOWER; ZD321N MOWER; ZD323 MOWER; ZG332LP MOWER; ZG332P MOWER; ZP330LP MOWER; ZP330P MOWER
Kubota Thermostat 71 Degrees Celsius
Mounted on the rear of the intake manifold near the firewall, this relay controls the power running to the glow plugs. When the ignition is in the on position, the relay should pulse power to heat the glow plugs in short intervals. If your glow plugs are not working, this part may be the problem.
Glow Plug Relay And Timer For 7.3 IDI T444E 4000 Series Trucks
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Price: $189.01 Price: $55.93 Price: $28.40 Price: $223.83 - $348.66
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Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
12v, 9 tooth, 1.4KW, OSGR Denso type. Two (2) ear mount on DE housing
Part Reference Numbers: 16235-63010;77700-02602;K7561-61810;K7561-61811;K7
Fits Models: BX2200D; BX22D; RTV1100; RTV1100CR; RTV1100CW; RTV900G; RTV900G6; RTV900R; RTV900R6; RTV900RSD; RTV900RSDL; RTV900S; RTV900T; RTV900T2; RTV900T5H; RTV900T6; RTV900W; RTV900W6; RTV900W6SE
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L
Very heavy duty switch. 20 amp 125 volt, two position on-off.  This switch has 4 poles. Two separate incoming and two separate outgoing. 

Good switch for lighting or anything that draws a lot of power.
Switch - Heavy Duty Toggle
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Bore 80 mm, Rod 50 mm
Part Reference Numbers: 68271-99300
Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 80 Mm
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $22.28 Price: $218.85 Price: $11.24 Price: $74.29
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12v, 9 tooth, 2.5KW, PLGR w/open DE Mitz type. Two (2) ear mount.
Part Reference Numbers: 1C010-63010;1C010-63011;1C010-63012;1G772-63010;1G
Fits Models: M100XDT; M105; M105S; M105SDS; M105SDSF; M105SDSL; M105SDT; M105SH; M105SHD; M105XDTC; M108; M108DSC; M108DSC2; M108HDC2; M108SDS; M108SDS2; M108SDSF; M108SDSL; M108SDSL2; M108SDSL2S; M108SDSLS; M108SH; M108SHD; M108SHDC; M108XDTC; M110XDTC; M6040; M6040DT; M6040HDNB; M6800; M6800DT; M6800HD; M6800S; M6800SDT; M7040; M7040DT; M7040DTC; M8200; M8200DT; M8200DTN; M8200HD; M8200SDTN; M8540DT; M8540DT1; M8540F; M8540F1; M8540HD; M8540HD1; M8540HD12; M8540HD121; M9000; M9000DT; M9000DTL
Kubota Starter 12v
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...

Kubota Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Bore 55 Mm Rod 30 Mm
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Sold in multiples of 2.
Part Reference Numbers: 15248-63700
Fits Models: B1700 COMPACT TRACTOR; B1700HSD; B2100 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2100HSD; B2320; B2320DT; B2320DTN; B2320DTWO; B2320HSD; B2320HSDN; B2400 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2400HSD; B2410 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2410HSD; B2410HSDB; B2410HSE; B2620; B2620HSD; B2630 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2630HSD; B2650HSDC; B2710 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2710HSD; B2910 COMPACT TRACTOR; B2910HSD; B2920; B2920HSD; B3000HSDC; B3000HSDCC; B3030 COMPACT TRACTOR; B3030HSD; B3030HSDC; B3030HSDCC; B3200; B3200HSD; B3200HSDWO; B3300SUHSD; B3350HSDC; B7300; B7400; B7400HSD; B7410; B7410D; B7500; B7500D; B7500DTN; B7500HSD; B7510; B7510D; B7510DN; B7510HSD; B7510HSDTR; B7610; B7610HSD; B7800; B7800HSD
Kubota Ignition Key - Sold In Multiples Of 2.
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...

Caliper Kit
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $292.28 Price: $97.24 Price: $13.60 Price: $5.57
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Radiator Hose
Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...

Model(s): 6.9L/7.3L, 9.0L, DT/DTA360, DT/DTA466, DT408/DT...
Price: $17.77 Price: $28.91
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